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About Dr Gayetri 

Video Transcript

“If you are suffering from a chronic disease, like diabetes, high blood pressure, irritable or inflammatory bowel disease, migraines, thyroid disease, depression or even fibromyalgia, those in severe pain, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer patients, have been told you have to take a number of medications for the rest of your life, I want you to know that there is another way.

There is a new way of thinking that is able to reverse your chronic disease and improve the quality of your life. There are answers out there, there is hope and it’s called functional medicine.

Functional medicine looks at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. In essence, it looks at you as an individual and seeks to identify the cause of your disease instead of masking the symptoms to make them bearable.

My name is Dr Gayetri Chudasama. I am a GP in the NHS and a Functional Medicine Doctor. I became an NHS doctor 11 years ago and when I first started I was very enthusiastic. However, over time I recognized a pattern of patients’ conditions improving for a while, only to return and require more medications for their illnesses which continued to progress.

I felt unable to fully help my patients due to the limitations in what I could offer in terms of conventional treatment, made harder within the time constraints of the “10 minute appointment”. Beyond conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stronger pain relief or a referral to pain management, there seemed to be nothing more to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. There had to be another way.

Through my own personal quest for personal health, I started noticing a few things. I realised the power of food as medicine. I noticed improvement in mental clarity after a good night’s sleep, improved energy levels after an exercise class of body pump/spin, clarity at making decisions after a good relaxing session of hot yoga.


I started to recognise these lifestyle choices are directly related to our nutrition, psychology, environmental factors and physical state. All of which influence the development and prevention of chronic health conditions. This journey exposed me to the notion of “Functional Medicine”. I immediately resonated with the paradigm of identifying the root cause of symptoms and supporting the body’s ability to heal itself.

Functional medicine is the medicine of “why”. Why does someone become ill? Why has this happened in the first place?
How can these imbalances be removed? What can I do to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself?

I was thrilled to find that Functional Medicine was validated by research and many doctors worldwide. It ignited my passion for medicine again and gave me insights into rethinking disease and health. I realised, this was the type of medicine I was meant to practice!

I can understand what it may be like to struggle with a chronic condition, but I also know that healing is possible. Using nutrition and lifestyle in shaping and optimising health, in preference to using medications to mask symptoms
wherever possible. This will normally involve strengthening the immune system, decreasing toxicity, normalising inflammatory function, optimising metabolic function, balancing regulatory systems and enhancing regeneration.

The combination of healing the mind body and spirit is the fundamental secret to Wellness.

You deserve to live without pain and discomfort, and I look forward to helping you along your journey!” – Dr. Gayetri Chudasama

The Team

Carmen - Health Coach

Carmen is our health coach and works closely with patients to improve their lifestyle habits. Following the treatment plan which Dr Gayetri has prescribed for you, Carmen works to rewire your neurological responses in the following areas:

  • Eating
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation

Carmen has her own great story of transformation, with functional medicine as a core component of the change.

Carmen suffered from ME for five years and then had a significant cancer scare. The oncologist told her that there was little hope of survival. Then came the transformation, and at the age of 62, four stone lighter and fitter in mind and body that she had ever been, Carmen set out to help others.

Working with her and her habit changing coaching techniques, patients quickly find that their energy levels, vitality and general health improves.

Jo - Practice Manager

Johanna (Jo) thrives on looking after patients and is the “go to” person if you need help with appointments and any initial enquiries.

With over 20 years’ management experience, Jo keeps Dr Gayetri’s practice running smoothly, and we don’t know where we would be without her.

Jo loves spending time outdoors, swimming, horse riding and boxing and, of course, spending time with her 6 year old son.

Tracey - Nutritional Therapist

Tracey is a licensed Nutritional Therapist and a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

Working alongside Dr Gayetri, Tracey will offer advice, through a combination of personalised dietary, exercise and relaxation strategies, to help you achieve peak health and wellness, manage chronic health conditions, or reach your optimum weight.

After a career in publishing, Tracey followed her passion for nutrition and health to become a Nutritional Therapist working in-house at Nuffield Health for several years, and now in private practice.

Tracey is also a yoga teacher and spinning instructor who loves cooking, growing vegetables, going to the beach and walking her lovely Labrador, Millie.

New Patient Discovery Call

If you want to find out if Functional Medicine is the right option for you, We offer a no obligation discoverery call with Dr Gayetri, priced at £35, which is redeemable against any package you invest in.

Functional Medicine Doctor

Professional Accreditation

Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine

General Medical Council

Member of the Royal College of Practitioners

Member of the FSRH

Member of the BMA

Our Core Values

Giving Time to Heal

We give you the time that you need to tell us what is going on with your health. We have the time to listen, take tests and assess the results so that you start the best route to wellness.

We appreciate that the NHS only has time for 10 minute appointments. Due to pressure on these quotas, some patients may not even get ten minutes. You will get at least 120 minutes of our time in your initial consultation. After that, the average appointment is between 30 – 90 minutes. In this time we carefully review your medical history, listen intently to what you know about your body and mind, and answer any questions you have.

As you can imagine, this thorough approach to health means we can discover the root cause of your chronic illness.

Live a Healthier, More Abundant Life

Bringing together the best of science-based medicine, Dr Gayetri and her team work with you until you find a more abundant, healthy life.

By looking at you as a whole person, and using an integrated, systems based approach to health, we can help you achieve a life full health and happiness.

Twenty First Century Science

The Institute for Functional Medicine adopts science-based treatments and medicines as soon as they are proved by science to be effective and safe. This isn’t the case with conventional medicine where it can take on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make it to the treatment plan.

If there is a treatment to help you and it is well researched and efficacious a Functional Medicine doctor, with Dr Gayetri’s credentials can prescribe it.

Root Cause Resolution

Dr Gayetri and her team are dedicated to isolating what is really causing you illness. We focus on finding the root of the problem, prescribing a suitable treatment plan and solving your health problems.

Natural Therapies for Whole-Person Wellness

A Functional Medicine doctor not only looks after your body but works with all your body’s systems, your mind, your spirit and your emotions, ensuring that you become as vibrant and healthy as possible.

We use natural, non-invasive therapies that work with, not against, your body so that you can heal. On the whole, our therapies are generally safer and better tolerated by most people than conventional drugs. By using natural therapies the risk of future health complications reduces.

Start your journey to a healthy life

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