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About Dr Gayetri 

Dr Spencer Pool


Spencer is passionate about helping people all around the world take back control of their lives! To become the best versions of themselves so that they, their families, and everyone around them, can thrive!

He’s now one of Bob Proctor’s top 1% Consultants, an International Speaker, and he continues to do every day what he’s totally passionate about – which is helping people!

Spencer first started helping people as an Emergency Department doctor both in South Africa and then the UK. He loved how his immediate actions had such a profound impact on his patient’s lives. He was literally the difference between someone living or dying, and he ensured that he was exceptional at his job. 

But then a massive life event started Spencer on his new life trajectory as a teacher of mindset and human potential.

In 2011, his first son, Cooper, was born. Unfortunately he developed heart failure and multi-organ failure at only 18 days old. Spencer and his family were told that Cooper was gravely ill, and that he would probably die unless he got a heart transplant, but that unfortunately, 18-day old babies don’t often get those…

Fortuitously, 2 years prior, Spencer had watched a movie called The Secret and he had really resonated with one of the people from the movie called Bob Proctor. Bob was like the grandfather Spencer had never had, so Spencer started to learn from Bob’s teachings. 

And Bob led Spencer to a book called Think and grow rich, which Spencer had been reading over and over for 18 months prior to Cooper’s birth. When the news of Cooper’s condition hit everyone, Spencer had an inspiration from the Think and Grow Rich book that changed everything!!

The author, Napoleon Hill, too had had a son who was born with an affliction. Fortunately, Napoleon had refused to accept that his son would never amount to much – and against all conventional logic, helped his son thrive and lead a very successful life.  

Spencer and his family decided to use the same principles of Napoleon’s book to help his son’s heart recover. And against all odds, Cooper grew from strength to strength. And in 2016, Spencer and his family were given the news that they had visualised for so long; that Cooper’s heart had totally healed and remodelled and that Cooper was fully recovered. 

A miracle some would call it…

But it was actually the result of people using their minds uniting together with God, Spirit, The Universe, Allah, Mother Nature, Infinite Intelligence, (whatever you wish to call it), to create the outcome that they wanted. 

After that event, Spencer promised that he would help others understand the incredible powers of their minds, the laws of the universe, and how to use them to manifest the lives that they want. 

So he partnered up with the Living Legend Bob Proctor and became one of his mentees. And now Spencer’s life has improved in every aspect! 

Spencer has now dedicated his life to continue to help people, and he totally thrives when he does this!!