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Functional Medicine

A systems based approach, practised by Dr Gayetri Chudasama, to healing your complex, chronic illness.

Welcome to the Healthcare of the Future

Reclaim your health, energy and mental clarity

Functional Medicine

A systems based approach, practised by Dr Gayetri Chudasama, to healing your complex, chronic illness.

Welcome to the Healthcare of the Future

Reclaim your health, energy and mental clarity

Are you ready to lead a more vibrant life?

Do you have long term health issues that you would like to get to the bottom of?

We are here to offer your hope

We understand how you feel

Many of our patients felt the same

We have found that by using the principles of Functional Medicine, people just like you, experience transformational change.

You may be suffering from mystery headaches, skin problems, unspecified chronic pain, diabetes, exhaustion, high blood pressure, joint inflammation or digestive problems.

You may have been diagnosed with ME, CFS or fibromyalgia.

How frustrated do you feel when no one can make sense of your illness, never mind getting the help to you get better.

Your myriad symptoms are your body’s cry for help. You feel that you are just about surviving and you have lost your zest for life. Lots of our patients come to us having been unable to work for years; they can’t think clearly and have broken and impaired relationships.

Unfortunately the NHS doesn’t have the resources to help so you are looking for a private doctor.

I and my team are here to walk with you on the journey to a healthier and happier life.



Michael Giles (Oct 2019)

“I have been getting ‘virus’ type symptoms for 3 years (fever, migraines, sore throat, low energy etc.) Since i saw Dr Gayetri 5 months ago, i have not had any of the symptoms and have felt so much clearer, more energetic and just a lot healthier! i have lost weight and my skin has improved too. All from making some simple but important changes to diet and lifestyle. A lot of people have told me how much healthier i look! The functional medicine concept makes so much sense and it has been refreshing to have Dr Gayetri pinpoint the cause rather than treat the symptoms of my illness. Very highly recommended! Everyone should have a functional Doctor.”


Zeenat Sabur (Nov 2018)

“My auntie has been seeing Dr Gayetri since June of this year, the reason she consulted Dr Gayetri was that she suffers from chronic arthritis and had recently been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid. Since seeing Dr Gayetri and implementing an elimination diet on her advice, my auntie’s thyroid has almost regulated and she has had no arthritis related pain at all. She has more energy than she has had in years and can complete activities she had until recently been unable to, such as walking up and down the stairs with ease and cutting the grass.
Dr Gayteri is responsive to emails and questions, easy to talk to, and incredibly helpful. We are truly glad we found her and would highly recommend her!”

Start your journey to a better life

Rest assured we have the skill and experience to help you with your transformative journey.

Dr Gayetri, as well as working for the NHS, runs a private practice as a Functional Medicine doctor. She runs clinics in London and Birmingham UK. Remote appointments are also available in some cases.

Functional Medicine practitioners, like Dr Gayetri, consider the whole person when looking to treat illnesses and diseases. We have the time to look at every aspect of your life, organise tests as needed and answer any questions that you have.

The patients who take responsibility for their health and fully engage in their treatment plans, where possible, see the most improvements.

Functional Medicine is an active form of treatment and it is important that you are ready to commit to a new and better way of living.

Most patients need to develop new habits and stop doing things that are not helpful. We support you through this period and keep you on track if you have an off day – who doesn’t?

As a science-based practitioner, Dr Gayetri may order one or more lab tests. These are used to clinically inform the course of action she prescribes for you.

As well as expert advice from Dr Gayetri, you will work with one of our Health Coaches to embed a new set of healthy habits into your daily routine.

To feel healthy isn’t just about the lack of disease; it is feeling free to live the life you deserve; it is allowing your body and mind to live a healthier and happier life; it is about thriving today and tomorrow.

The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you are ready to take that responsibility and move forwards in every aspect of your life.