October 12, 2021

Optimum Health Through Functional Medicine

Optimum Health Through Functional Medicine

You may feel that your body is working fine at times, but your mind isn’t in the right state. Or, your mind is working well, but physically you don’t have the strength to get up and do anything. We know how devastating it feels! That’s why we are here to help you untangle the strings of your mind and body and help you achieve optimum health through Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a science-based strategy that addresses the body’s complications as a whole rather than just the disease or symptoms. With this approach, we help our patients to uncover the root cause of their illness or other mind and body complications. Below are some strategies followed by Functional Medicine DR to assist their patients in achieving optimum health.

Finding The Root Cause Of The Disease:

Due to the increasing trauma and anxiety of life, more and more people struggle with complex medical issues. This includes mental, physical, and emotional stress, unexplained lethargy, various autoimmune disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. Doctors that practice functional medicine meticulously work through the potential causes behind the disease by closely examining its root cause.   According to The Institute for Functional Medicine,

  • 50% of adults suffer from at least one chronic disease
  • 25% of adults have two or more chronic diseases

This percentage clearly depicts the number of people undergoing severe health conditions that need a comprehensive examination.

Practices that help in achieving Optimum Health:

Starting this journey means creating awareness and being honest about your current habits, patterns and behaviours around health. In order to treat any underlying condition, you need to let go of your health deteriorating habits. With our team, you can learn the best practices that will help you turn the tables, break unwanted habits and replace them with healthy behaviours that will support your health now and in the future.   These can include, Incorporating exercise, yoga, or meditation into your day: Such a peaceful start of the day will de stress, detox, strengthen and have a positive boost to your mood. It will also help you to dust off the lethargy that you might feel throughout the day. Watch what you eat: Being aware of the food you consume is important in the prevention and healing process, because no matter what condition you are going through, a healthy and nutritious diet can escalate your results. Detox your body: Detoxification can be powerful for anyone at the start of their health journey or periodically needing a boost. Allowing your body to cleanse can be as simple as upping your daily water intake, drinking lemon water daily or using additional supplements right through to a full detox plan and dietary overhaul. Reduce Stress: Stress is the root cause of 80% of visits to the Doctor and is no joke. Stress is often seen as a badge of honour in todays modern busy world, but while a little stress can be useful in getting things done and keeping us safe, high levels of stress of long periods of time can be detrimental, damaging and dangerous to our health.

Other considerations for Optimal Health

  • Controlled inflammation rate in the body
  • Balanced gut microbiome, hormones, and weight
  • Avoiding unnecessary medications, including over the counter drugs
  • Regular quality sleep

The Wellness Wheel

Used by functional medicine practitioners, the wellness wheel has become a staple in realizing optimal health and functioning. A wellness wheel is based around the model of health, which overlooks different areas of integrated personal well-being, be it physical or mental health. The wellness wheel’s primary areas include the mind, body, and soul; whereas, the secondary areas of the wheel are based around emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical features. Depending on the doctor’s own practices and the patient’s personalized needs, the wheel can include more or less secondary areas to attain optimal health.

Using the Wheel to Conquer Optimal Health

When you switch to functional medicine, your functional medicine Doctor will craft out your wellness wheel based on the required areas of improvement. This will help you evaluate and track your health easily.

New Patient Discovery Call

If you want to find out if Functional Medicine is the right option for you, We offera no obligation discovery call with Dr Gayetri, priced at £35, which is redeemable against any package you invest in.