Medical Assessment

What is the medical assessment?

A health assessment is a preventative, in depth health check to give an overview of an individual’s current health and wellbeing status

Dr Gayetri will use a holistic, integrative approach to look for signs of imbalance, and identify areas of an individual’s health that can be improved and optimised

Investigations into the patient’s environment, diet, emotions, medications, levels of activity, possible infections, levels of stress and their social support will allow Dr Gayetri to assess how each biological system is functioning and supporting the body as a whole.

Whether there is an ongoing health concern that runs in your family, or you simply need extra confidence and support to make positive lifestyle changes, or if you have any specific health risks or concerns, a fully comprehensive hour assessment with Dr Gayetri will provide you with a clear picture of your health and wellbeing.

Benefits of having a medical assessment

Our whole health, holistic approach means that even if presenting as healthy, a medical assessment can be beneficial in helping prevent illness whilst ensuring your current state of health is optimised.
This can enable you to:
Maximise energy and
mobility for the life that you choose
Help prevent unnecessary
weight gain.
Maintain a healthy
heart function.
Support the immune system
to prevent future illness.
Support mental health
and a healthy mood.
Optimise gut
health and food
Support a healthy sleep
Help the prevention of
metabolic disorders
such as diabetes.
Plus much more…

What’s included in the medical assessment?

Each hour long assessment includes:
Pre-consultation assessment of comprehensive intake questionnaire and past medical history and laboratory tests.
In depth medical consultation for 60 minutes with Dr Gayetri.
Full head-to-toe medical examination.
Written report with recommendations to discuss with own GP
Private GP referrals if necessary or deemed appropriate

Medical Assessment

PRICE: £325

A 60-minute consultation with Dr Gayetri covering all areas as listed above.

Medical Assessment
& blood chemistry

PRICE: £560

Full medical assessment plus an additional comprehensive blood assessment

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