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Alison Blackhall (April 2021)

“Last year I was unable to walk, deeply fatigued and looking at a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis – now my recent blood tests are normal, I’m pain free and taking on new gardening work!”

“I had been feeling unwell with a host of unresolved symptoms for several years before consulting Dr Gayetri – joint pain and swelling, muscle weakness, fatigue, weak, congested chest, hives and debilitating headaches to name some of the worst.  Having thought myself a previously strong and healthy person, at 49 years of age I had to give up the gardening business I had built over the past 10 years as I reached a point where I could barely stand or walk, had high inflammation levels in my body and was looking at a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.   Within a couple of months of treatment with Dr Gayetri my energy levels had returned, chest problems resolved and joint problems were steadily improving!  Six months on I now have normal blood results, am pain free and am taking on new gardens.  My 10 year old daughter says she has her mum back!  How can I put a value on that?”


Kerry Hooper - March 2021

I had been suffering with eczema for about 5-6 years when I went to see Dr Gayetri. I had never suffered with it as child and I was having to use stronger topical steroids. The patches of eczema would never seem to go away and I was getting it over larger parts of my body and more severe flare ups. I knew there must be something in my lifestyle that was contributing to this as it only started in my late 30s. I found out about Dr Gayetri after doing some research into functional medicine and what appealed to me was the fact she had also been a GP so will know about the conventional treatment as well as the functional medicine side. The initial consultation was very in depth and identified a change in job and resulting stress was a likely trigger. I had a few tests done which showed where my nutrition was lacking and did a guided elimination diet which identified a couple of food triggers.

Dr Gayetri suggested several supplements based on the test results, increasing exercise and also meditation to help with relaxation. I had 4 or 5 in person and virtual consultations in total and over time my skin cleared up and I stopped using topical steroids at all! I was so happy as I had tried so many different creams and trying to eliminate food groups myself before this and was feeling very self conscious in the summer when people could see my skin but with the treatment under Dr Gayetri I had finally got on top of it and could carry those tools forward into the future.


Lavleen Chandarana (July 2020)

“I wish I had taken my health into my hands years earlier and contacted Dr Gayetri much sooner than I did. After I had my second child, I was felling exceptionally fatigued and felt that even the most menial of tasks left me exhausted. 

As all mothers, I though this was normal, of course I would feel tired having two young children to cater for, but then as the years went by, I felt gradually worse and worse. I had already been diagnosed as a Coeliac five years earlier, I then went on to discover another autoimmune sign and started suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle.

When I discussed my symptoms with my GP, they told me I had been ‘unlucky’ and would only carry out a routine blood & hormone test which yielded no abnormalities.

After extensive research and recommendation, I found Dr Gayetri. She was extremely concise, informative, and pin pointed the areas I was having the most problems. I had finally found someone that really understood my symptoms and did not make me feel foolish for voicing them, it was a huge relief. 

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She provided detailed reports following our consultations, with clear information to follow and was available to contact if I had any questions. I really appreciated that Dr Gayetri only advised the tests that were actually going to lead us to discover the cause of my symptoms, to keep the cost sensible. 

Within three months, following the customised advice from Dr Gayetri which she adapted after the results of each test, I felt completely restored! I was waking up full of energy, which continued throughout the day. My skin looked clearer, my menstrual cycle regulated back to normal, I was sleeping better, my mood was vastly improved and everyone around me noticed the improvement also.

I could not recommend Dr Gayetri enough as your functional health doctor, she has enhanced my life completely.”


Jennie Bea (December 2020)

During the lockdown I wasn’t able to personally see Dr Gayetri, however I did have webinar appointments with her. These appointments were an hour long, once a month for 3 months and then every week during the 3 month I had 30 minutes webinar sessions with Carmen, the health advisor, who provided great support, encouragement and advice on diet, exercise, mindfulness, breathing etc. My experience with Dr Gayetri as a Functional Medicine Doctor helped deal with many issues I was dealing with where my local GP wanted to deal with each issue separately with medication. Working with Dr Gayetri I found out I have a sensitivity to gluten, eggs and dairy.

I also found out how my high stress level was affecting my digestive system along with my poor sleeping habit. My health has improved unbelievably and I have learnt so much about the little changed I make such a different to how I feel. I was made to realise that I had to make a lifestyle change in order to get better and working with Carmen week by week made it easy. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Gayetri. It has been money very well spent”

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Zeenat Sabur (November 2018)

My auntie has been seeing Dr Gayetri since June of this year, the reason she consulted Dr Gayetri was that she suffers from chronic arthritis and had recently been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid. Since seeing Dr Gayetri and implementing an elimination diet on her advice, my auntie’s

thyroid has almost regulated and she has had no arthritis related pain at all. She has more energy than she has had in years and can complete activities she had until recently  been unable to, such as walking up and down the stairs with ease and cutting the grass. 

Dr Gayteri is responsive to emails and questions, easy to talk to, and incredibly helpful. We are truly glad we found her and would highly recommend her!


Rasha Elkady (May 2019)

“When I first came into Dr Gayetri’s office, I was unwell with a lot of health concerns that couldn’t be addressed through modern medicine. Her knowledge, experience and method of addressing my case through a step by step basis has helped put things in perspective. I also really appreciated her honesty and professionalism. I am looking forward to hopefully improving my condition under her care.

Carmen helped my family and I through a very stressful time. She taught us techniques to help with our emotional and mental wellbeing. In addition, she helped us understand and connect our emotional and physical health. As a result of Carmen’s help, our overall health has begun to improve and we now have the tools to help us through some difficult times. Thank you!”


David Gell (July 2019)

“After 20 years of suffering with ulcerative colitis it’s great to find someone willing to listen, and who is capable at resolving chronic “incurable” conditions. I’m finally happy with my plan for the future and have made progress towards better health already. Lots still to do but for the first time in a long time I’m confident with my approach to overcome this condition“


Mike Giles (October 2019)

“I have been getting ‘virus’ type symptoms for 3 years (fever, migraines, sore throat, low energy etc.) Since i saw Dr Gayetri 5 months ago, i have not had any of the symptoms and have felt so much clearer, more energetic and just a lot healthier! i have lost weight and my skin has improved too. All from making some simple but important changes to diet and lifestyle. A lot of people have told me how much healthier i look! The functional medicine concept makes so much sense and it has been refreshing to have Dr Gayetri pinpoint the cause rather than treat the symptoms of my illness. Very highly recommended! Everyone should have a functional Doctor..”

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David Judah (Aug 2018)

“I decided to see Dr Gayetri mainly because my lifelong prescription medication, which I unfortunately have to take, was damaging my liver. I’m a strong believer in good diet, exercise and supplements, but you need a professional to guide you. It’s a highly complex area with huge amounts of information to try and decipher.

Dr Gayetri will examine it for you, suggest the exact tests you need and put together a comprehensive report and regime for you to follow. The results are already very promising and my liver has already fully recovered. We are now working on improving many other aspects of my health.

I highly recommend Dr Gayetri”


Sally Hunter (June 2018)

“I have been visiting Dr Gayetri now for the last 5 months, and her help, support and knowledge have made such a difference to my health. I have suffered from an under active thyroid for the last 8 years and my weight and general health were suffering . Since seeing Dr Gayetri, I have lost 2 stones, have learnt about my holistic health and benefited from her advice and suggestions of how to deal with sleep, and help with healing my gut. I will continue to live a healthier life now that I have the knowledge of how to succeed.”