Functional Medicine Packages

Functional Medicine

Investment – £599 (video), £649 (face to face)

Do you feel that you need to get back on track with your health?

We have found that some people want to have a one-off consultation with us rather than committing to our programme. This may be because they are new to Functional Medicine and want to know more about how it can help them specifically.

This is our stand-alone consultations with Dr Gayetri, a great way to start on your bespoke journey to wellness and vitality.

Initial Consultation – Video Call (£599)
Initial Consultation – Face-to-Face (£649)


  • 4-5 hours on the patients’ case to thoroughly understand their history
  • Review of comprehensive initial intake form and case preparation, as well as review of previous labs/studies
  • Functional Medicine consultation (60 – 90 minutes) to discuss health concerns and goals, complete history.
  • Full medical physical examination, Body composition assessment.
  • Your nutrition and any deficiencies or intolerances you may have
  • Your movement, exercise levels and response to stress.
  • Written report after the consultation with appropriate nutrition & lifestyle advice along with recommendations to discuss with your own GP.
  • Welcome “tool kit ” consisting of valuable informational handouts
  • GP supported weaning and adjustment of prescription medications as applicable.
  • Access to and recommendations on specialty functional lab tests for you.
  • Discounts on personalised medical grade supplement protocol.
  • Private GP referrals if necessary or deemed appropriate.
  • Follow up phone call 1 week following the consultation to discuss queries
Initial Consultation – Video Call (£599)
Initial Consultation – Face-to-Face (£649)